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Types of Pergola

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Pergolas vary in shapes and sizes according to your needs. They can be extremely small structures that cover or shade a front doorstep, or they can cover a walkway hundreds of metres long.

There are two primary types of pergolas, the gable roof, or the flat/skillion roof. Each has its advantages. In choosing what type of pergola you want for your home it’s best to consider its purpose.

Gable roof pergolas offer a light and cool environment as they have a higher roof with open ends to allow for airflow. Gable pergolas can mirror the roofline of your home and blend into its architectural style. You can also amend the end types on a gable pergola to give it hip and bay ends to further customise its design.

Flat/Skillion roof pergolas are highly versatile structures that can provide a lot of flexibility. They can be lined with a timber ceiling and feature inbuilt lighting and fans, or they can have different levels or pitches to provide exactly the style and conditions you require.