Awesome Decking Projects on Pinterest, Episode 1

Awesome decks on Pinterest

Nothing compares to seeing something that inspires you and gets your creative juices flowing. That’s why we love Pinterest; it’s loaded with photographs from all over the world that give us awesome ideas for decking projects.

We’d like to share some of these Pinterest finds with you through this regular blog series and hope that you, too, get inspired and start thinking about building the ultimate deck for your home.

Shipping Container Home

Awesome deck: shipping container home

The simplicity of this improvised cabin built from a shipping container is the source of its appeal. The house itself is nothing more than a box transformed into a cozy little dwelling place, but its elegance is established by the thoughtful and deliberate unfurling of the living space from the house to the swimming pool. The deck sits snuggly between both worlds, bridging the cold, wet pool with the warmth and comfort of the house above it. It’s absolutely perfect for an after-swim barbie and some drinks, perhaps.

Renovated 1960s House

Awesome decks: 1960s house

This house outside New York City was recently renovated to preserve its tranquil 1960s vibe while at the same time refining its structure with more modern components to give it a contemporary feel. The exterior was stripped back to its framing and the entryway was expanded, revealing a more dramatic view of the interior. As you can see, the deck is a substantial part of the structure, ready to accommodate people who spill out from inside but still keeping them, in essence, part of the house.

A Home Amidst the Trees

Awesome decks: house amidst the trees

We totally love the deck design of this family home in Texas, USA. A model for resolving conflicts in design elements, this house features the harmonious interaction of the building, the expansive view and the trees that have existed on site way before the house was built.

Mountainside Deck

Awesome decks: mountainside deck

We found no details about this mountainside deck nor the house it adorns, but we love how it effortlessly embraces the terrain it sits on, and even puts it to good use. The plant boxes and deck seating design is pure inspiration. We can just wonder, though, at how amazing the view is from the seats.

Beach House Deck

Awesome decks: beachside cottage

Long narrow outdoor spaces tend to be problematic and undesirable because there’s not much you can do with them or in them. But not if you convert it into a deck. Sorry, we could not find details about this beach cottage decking, but it’s definitely an ingenious way to make the available limited space usable and attractive.

In a Little House in Singapore

Awsome decks: tiny Singapore pool

Real estate is such a scarce and valued resource in tiny Singapore, but what may be lacking in space can be capably offset by good design. The remarkable thing about the deck here is that it exists at all, given the very limited space available to the builders. But there it is, a tiny wading pool with an adjoining and equally tiny timber deck.

Japanese Timber House

Awesome decks: home of a Japanese illustrator

In this home designed and built for a Japanese illustrator, the deck begins inside the house and extends outward, providing additional functionality. The design is also consistent with the structure’s overall creative and playful design, where timber beams are exposed and intrude into functional spaces.


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