Carport Overview


A Softwoods carport will provide you with a safe place to keep your car, saving it from any damage from trees, birds or the sun’s rays. Our carports will also add value to your home. We take care when designing carports to mirror the architectural design of your home so that the carport seamlessly integrates into its style and gives the impression that it’s been there forever.

The purpose of a carport is to protect your car, and provide you with safe passage from the car to your home. In designing your carport we will consider the prevailing architectural style of your home and look to match it, as well as how the weather operates in your area and how we might best adjust our design to allow maximum protection while still maintaining visual appeal.

You have a few options available to you in building your carport. You can have us come to your home, design and build it for you, or we can supply you with a kit that you can build yourself. You can also get a price for your kit using our online quoting tool.