Built by Softwoods

If you’re looking at building a deck yourself, there are a number of obstacles you will have to clear before you get the job done. Aside from the design and procuring of materials, your main cost will be in the time and effort to complete the job.

If you are too busy to build it yourself, or you’d prefer a professional look and finish to your deck we have the perfect solution for you. Built by Softwoods in home service is a start to finish service that we offer to you that will transform your outdoor living space without any time or effort required on your part.

In Home Consultation

Your built by Softwoods decking service starts with an in home consultation. Our design consultants will come to you, talk about your decking needs and create a design that will make the most of your space and needs, they will be sure to consider what you want to achieve, as well as any other factors that their experience tells them you might need to consider.

Council Application

If you go ahead with us, we will then provide the plans and drawings for council submission, and submit everything on your behalf. Your deck may not require council submission (if it is very low) in which case we would move directly to the delivery stage. However, if you are building something that needs approval, we have an in house certifier who will chase council until your deck is approved.

Delivery and Building

Once approval has been received, we can deliver your deck to you. We will deliver everything that is needed to build your deck, including the substructure, decking boards, hardware and concrete. At this point we will also organise for one of our carpenters to build the deck for you. As they often work in teams they can make much shorter work of it than you or I might. They will also build to Softwoods exacting standards so that you are protected by our 25 year warranty.

Once the deck is built, and everything has been cleaned up and looks great, we will give it a few coats of stain or oil (your choice) and leave you to enjoy it! We’re confident in our belief  that choosing our in home service is one of the best decisions you can make for your decking project.