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Building your own deck is a very rewarding experience, but a lot of people simply don’t have the time or appropriate levels of experience working with wood.

Softwoods modular decking kits make building your own deck a quick and easy proposition. Our innovative kits are simple to construct and save you time, effort and money.

Best of all, our kits have no visible fixings! So your deck has a clean finish that is unrivalled by any decking product we’ve seen.

No visible fixings

Modular decking kits are something that we have been working on for a long time, so we are happy to finally bring one to the market that we believe offers all of the benefits of a truly modular system while maintaining the solid look and feel of a genuinely well designed and built deck. Our modular system is designed to last and perform as well as any other deck we would sell. It isn’t made up of lots of freestanding units and it will be every bit as solid as you should expect.

In making a modular deck we found that the components that can be simplified are twofold. We looked at simple post solutions, but determined that solid footings are critical to a deck that will stand the test of time. This left us with the substructure of the deck and the decking boards themselves. We have designed a system that provides a modular solution to both of these areas, and maintains flexibility so that it can fit any space.

In our modular system joists and bearers are delivered to you pre assembled in frames that simply need to be fixed to your posts. This removes a lot of work in measuring, cutting, drilling and fixing the frame together. It also provides a really strong and level base for your deck.

Once you have installed the substructure of your deck, you simply need to lay and fix your decking board sets. We deliver your decking boards in sets of three (wide) they are fixed together and will sit on your frame and either span the deck or end on a joist. All that’s needed with your decking sets is to lay them down in the provided layout and then fix them where instructed (the way it’s done greatly reduces the fixing you need to do and is not visible on the finished product)

A full set of comprehensive instructions comes with your deck to guide you through the process.

Modular kits are all 90mm Merbau which we find is the best and most stable material for a low level deck as it has the desired density and is remarkably resilient to weathering and deterioration.

We feel that in providing a modular solution to decking kits we will help our DIY customers to achieve what they are aiming for with dramatically less effort and in a drastically reduced time frame. Our tests have shown that we can build a deck in 50% of the time it would normally take. This reduction in time with no sacrifice in the quality of your deck is what has us most excited about this product.

If you’d like to inquire about your own decking project and whether we can provide you with a modular solution simply contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to help. We are able to send modular kits to all parts of Australia at very competitive rates!

Decking sets ready to install

Installing pre made frames

Fixing decking sets

Finishing off the deck


Modular Decking Kit

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