Janka Ratings

The janka rating is the result of a test to measure the density and resistance of wood to denting or breakage. The test measures the force required to embed a steel ball 11mm thick to half of its diameter into the timber.

Janka ratings are recorded in kilonewtons (kN) so the higher the rating the more resistant to denting and wear the timber is. The rankings of timbers available in the Boral flooring range are as follows:

Flooded Gum7.5
Grey Ironbark14.0
New England Oak6.1
Red Mahogany12.0
Red Ironbark14.0
Spotted Gum11.0
Sydney Bluegum9.0

One of the great benefits of timber as a flooring material is that it’s a renewable resource. Hardwood timber floors are carefully harvested and forested in a way that emphasises sustainability. As a result of this not all species are available at all times, as supply will depend on what can be harvested at any given time. Boral flooring products are all Australian Forestry Standard Chain of custody certified (AS4707-2006) so you know that what you are purchasing is a product that is both outstanding in its performance, good for the environment and supportive of sustainable forestry practices.

Along with the Boral flooring we can also supply all the necessary glues, adhesives and moisture barriers to complete your project. We use and highly recommend Mapei products as Boral have been working closely with this company to produce high quality products