Chain of Custody of Timber

Timber chain of custody

One of the most remarkable things about timber, other than its ability to be great building material, is that it’s an organic and sustainable product that provides net benefits to the environment. Not only does timber store carbon through its life cycle but it is recyclable. The production and processing of timber products also use less energy than most other building materials, which in turn results in fewer emissions and less pollution. There is no question about timbers benefit to the environment, and Softwoods along with environmentalists worldwide greatly value it as a resource. (more…)

Government action on illegal timber imports

In what we at Softwoods see as a welcome and long overdue move, the Australian government will introduce new legislation this year to prevent the ongoing importation of illegally logged timber. As an environmentally concerned company, Softwoods make every effort to ensure that all imported timber that we buy has a verified chain of custody and is being logged from approved and sustainable areas. While chain of custody documentation is presently available on some imported timber, there is a concern that it’s authenticity is not always certain.

To add to the complexity of this issue is the fact that the market in Australia for timber decking has for a long time dictated a strong preference for imported hardwoods. In order to buy these hardwoods ethically, the above mentioned chain of custody must be sought, however the knowledge that this is not at all times authentic creates a difficult bind for both the consumer and the buyer. This is why we are very pleased that the government is going to regulate these imports and provide a framework that ensures that the product that gets to market here in Australia is coming from the area that is specified by it’s chain of custody, and that it is legally sourced and not coming at the cost of another nations natural resources.


Is CCA Treated Pine Safe?

CCA-treated pine

Being that this blog is here to provide information on Pergolas, Decks, Timber and outdoor entertaining using timber, it makes sense that we cover the types of timber that we sell at Softwoods and give you the reader as much information as possible about them, so that you can make an educated decision about what you are buying. This particular article coversCCA Treated Pine. My primary source in researching this article is the CSIRO, where you will find an exhaustive and likely more coherent outline than mine! (more…)