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Pergolas have adorned homes since at least the 15th century. The term itself is taken from the Latin term pergula, a projecting eave. Despite having briefly fallen out of fashion in the 18th and 19th centuries, this outdoor home extension has come back and is one of the features most sought-after by homebuyers.

Here are a few reasons you should consider building a pergola.

Improve the Appearance of Your Home

A pergola creates a point of interest that can complement your home and make it more interesting. It also provides opportunities to add to your property’s aesthetic appeal. By adding colour, plants and other decorative objects, the pergola contributes to the overall visual appeal.

Define and Maximise Your Backyard Space

A pergola helps create usable areas in what would otherwise be a blank, open space in your backyard. It can define how you use that space; you could use it for outdoor dining, or to entertain guests or to have solitude for maximum concentration or a power nap.

A Place to Enjoy the Outdoors

Australians love the outdoors, but it isn’t always possible to up and take a hike. A pergola allows you to enjoy the world outside your home, and not have to stray far away from your home. You can bring the outdoors in, or take the indoors out.

Entertain Guests

Imagine bringing people together for hours of fun and festivities — right in your own backyard. Your pergola can be the most important social space for your family and friends.


One disadvantage of open outdoor spaces is that you could be in full view of the neighbors’ prying eyes, or the eyes of virtually anyone who can look into your backyard or property. A pergola can change that; timber screens, trellis and even a few strategically placed blinds can create privacy for you and your guests. Conversely, the pergola can likewise block out unsightly objects from your view.

Add Value to Your Home

Ultimately, the value of a pergola is that increases the value of your home. All the previous benefits listed above contribute to making your home more desirable to buyers should you decide to sell your property in the future.

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