Ordering Process

1. Customer prints the Project Planner and completes all relevant fields

2. Customer submits the Project Planner along with a deposit to the Bunnings Special
Orders Team Member

3. Bunnings Special Orders Team Member raises a purchase order and emails or
faxes the order to Softwoods

4. Softwoods check all details on the purchase order and planner are
correct then draw up plans and email them direct to the Customer

5. Customer checks plans are correct and submits to their local council for
Planning and Building Consent when required

6. Upon receipt of Planning and Building Consent (or upon confirmation of
the plans being correct if no council permission is required) the
Customer returns to the Bunnings Special Orders counter and pays final balance

7. Bunnings Special Orders Team Member contacts Softwoods via phone or the
ordering email address to confirm the order is ready to go ahead

8. Softwoods produce the order and dispatch the materials to the Bunnings
store from where the order was placed