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Suntuf Polycarbonate Roofing Overview

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A polycarbonate roof will provide differing degrees of heat transmission, and varying levels of light and colour. At Softwoods, we carry a huge range of polycarbonate roofing products to suit your taste, budget and situation. From our range of Suntuf roofing you can select Suntuf Standard or Suntuf Solarsmart heat reflective roof sheets. We also offer the premium Suntuf Sunlite multi wall polycarbonate sheet system for a sleek finish to your structure. All of our polycarbonate roof sheets are available in a full range of lengths and colours.

We find that polycarbonate roofing is especially good as a covering for most pergolas. It’s lightweight, allows a great amount of diffused light into structures and doesn’t take on or radiate heat on the hottest days of summer. It’s also great as a skylight in a structure that’s covered with a darker steel roof. Polycarbonate roofing is also great value, long lasting and exceptionally strong. Softwoods are also happy to supply suntuf roofing for uses in applications other than pergolas, as it’s an extremely versatile product with many applications.

For most domestic applications suntuf roofing comes in the profiles corrugated and greca. They both feature 76mm gaps between ridges on sheets. Corrugated sheets have a curved ridge and greca sheets feature a flatter ridge. These sheets require  800mm maximum purlin spacing on end spans (900 for greca) and 1000mm on mid spans (1200 for greca) they also need a minimum slope of 10 degrees to allow for effective water runoff. If your roof has a lower profile you will likely need one of the industrial sheets with a higher profile.

These industrial profiles are Trimdek, Spantuf and Kingklip, with Trimdek being the most common of the three. Trimdek has 1.25mm thickness, and is generally used for skylights in larger buildings. It comes in clear and white opal sheets and features the UV performance that is standard to all suntuf sheets.

As well as providing you with the polycarbonate roof sheets you require Softwoods are also able to supply the full range of Polymate and Clearfix screws that have been especially designed for use with suntuf roofing. As 50mmx14mm screws they feature a rubber stopper that prevents any water from leaking through the screw holes. They also have a winged portion that effectively eliminates the need to pre drill holes before installation and allows movement of the sheets as they heat and cool.

When installing suntuf roofing it’s important to follow a few basic guidelines. Firstly, use purlin tape on all of your purlins. This will stop any noise from your roofing as it expands and contracts in the heat. Secondly be careful not to overtighten your screws. Third, fasten your sheets to your purlins on every second corrugation. Fourth, you should be very careful to ensure that you install the sheets with the UV layer facing upwards and fifth, you will need to overlap one corrugation in most instances, with two overlaps on low sloping roofs or in high wind areas. Overlaps should always be against the primary direction of the rain.

If you need to cut your sheets at any point, cut with a jigsaw or circular saw with fine tooth blades and make sure that you support the sheets near the cutting line.

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