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Suntuf Sunlite

Suntuf Sunlite is an advanced twin wall polycarbonate sheeting system. Sunlite sheeting is of a twin wall construction, with cell walls strengthening the connection between the two sheets and providing insulation. Twin wall polycarbonate sheets have the advantage of being treated with Solarsmart technology on both sides of the sheet and as a result they are virtually impenetrable to UV light whilst retaining great light transmission and reflecting the majority of the sun’s heat.

Twin wall polycarbonate sheets offer an advantage over standard sheets in that they are usually joined over the rafters of a pergola, and as such provide a really clean looking roof line for your structure. Sunlite sheets are those that you will often see in architectural and commercial applications, as they provide the aforementioned clean lines and they don’t collect as much dirt and rubbish as a standard corrugated roof.

At Softwoods we are uniquely positioned to help you with your sunlite roofing. We find that peoples biggest obstacle to using twin wall roofing is the calculation required to make sure that you get all of the correct accessories that you need. As we have been through this process many times we are happy to help you out with our experience and advice.

Suntuf Sunlite pricing

Softwoods have a long working relationship with Suntuf and our volumes allow us to offer you extremely competitive pricing. You can order your Suntuf Sunlite roofing online now in our webstore and have the goods delivered directly to you (free delivery if you live in a metro area!) There’s no need to wait for emails or get on the phone, and our pricing is the same no matter where you live.

Suntuf Sunlite information

Suntuf Sunlite are premium grade twin wall polycarbonate sheets that are available at a great price. They cover most roofing applications and can be used for any purpose, from skylights to roofing or to work as a screening panel. Sunlite twin wall polycarbonate roofing offers a cleaner and more elegant looking finish than standard polycarbonate roofing. Suntuf Sunlite offers 99.9% UV protection for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors and it also has outstanding heat reduction properties to ensure you are cool, comfortable and protected from the elements.

Suntuf Sunlite colours

The Sunlite range of Suntuf polycarbonate sheets are available in 4 distinctive colours: Clear, Grey, Solar Control Grey and Solar Ice. These colours suit every building application and they offer different degrees of opacity and heat reflection. Solar control grey and solar ice offer solar control technology which offers superior heat reflection and light transmission. Your colour choice will have a bearing on the internal appearance of your outdoor area and also the level of heat that you feel when there is sunlight on the roof of your structures polycarbonate sheets.

Suntuf Sunlite profiles and lengths

Suntuf Sunlite is available in only one profile as it is a flat sheet. This flat sheet roofing means that the look of the roof on your pergola is uniform and seamless. You can adjust the rafter centres on your pergola so the sheets intersect over the rafters and in doing so eliminate the need for purlins in your pergola and give the effect of less clutter.

Suntuf Sunlite is available in a wide range of standard lengths that should be appropriate for all applications. Simply determine the length you need for your job and order it (or the next size up if it’s not exactly the same as any of the standard lengths) You can cut sheets to length easily using a jigsaw, a stanley knife, heavy duty shears or a circular saw

Standard lengths for sheets of Suntuf Sunlite are:  1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5,3.0,3.5,4.0,4.5,5.0,6.0,7.0

Suntuf Sunlite screws and accessories

As a flat polycarbonate roof sheet that doesn’t need purlins in order to be fixed to the rafters of your pergola, Sunlite has an entirely different method of fixing to your pergola. You also need to ensure that the two walls of the polycarbonate sheets don’t take on water and stay dry and dirt free. In order to do this you essentially need to frame each sheet with custom designed accessories that make the sheets waterproof and give you a surface through which to drill and fix the sheets to your rafters.

In order to seal the top and bottom of the twin wall polycarbonate sheets you need to start with sealing tape. Once affixed, insert the sealed ends into rubber gaskets and then push on an end cap on each side. For the sides of each sheet you will also need rubber gaskets and instead of end caps you can use H Bars or Edge bars depending on where the sheet is in relation to other sheets. You can fix the H bars and Edge bars to the rafters by drilling through them and fixing with screws. You also have the choice of H Bars in one or two parts. The two part H bars make installation slightly easier as you can drill one side to the rafter and insert the sheets onto them before fixing.

Barge and Ridge capping

Your pergola may also need some metalgoods to finish off its roof effectively. Barge capping covers the end of your sheets and is attached to the end rafter of your pergola to create a waterproof seal. Ridge capping is used on gable pergolas and allows the roof sheets to sit under a cap that again prevents water from getting into the structure.

Suntuf Sunlite delivery to home or site

Softwoods are happy to be able to deliver your Suntuf roofing order to your home for $71. Suntuf can be delivered in a matter of days to your home or site. Simply place your order in our web shop

Suntuf Sunlite specification sheet

Please click on the links below for specification and installation information sheets for Suntuf Sunlite

Sunlite Brochure

Sunlite Installation Instructions

Sunlite Warranty Info

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