OPX Decking

The idea of a treated pine deck has in recent years been looked upon with less favour than one made of hardwood. The rise of great quality Australian hardwoods as well as imports like Merbau and Kapur have seen treated pine decking take a back seat in the decking market.

A large and good reason for this is that CCA treated pine has been phased out of use for decking due to the leeching of chemicals that occurred in some cases with its use as well as the threat of ingestion by children and pets. The off putting green tinge that was the trademark of CCA decking also made it less appealing than the hardwood options.

Softwoods are happy to announce that those days have come to an end and we now have a great treated pine decking product. OPX decking boards are new to the market, and they offer features and benefits never before seen in pine decking. OPX is a new water based, low toxicity treatment, which is combines organic plant based oils and waxes with azole fungicides to provide a low impact preservative that is every bit as effective as the others currently available for pine decking products.

The waxes and oils impregnated in OPX decking boards provide a resistance to moisture that appears to the eye as if the decking were waterproofed. These oils also protect against swelling and surface checking, making OPX a hard wearing robust product. As there is very little chemical content in the preservative, the release of solvent based emissions has been virtually eliminated making this decking truly safe. Independent studies (2012 Graham Environmental) found the treatment in OPX decking to be the lowest toxicity code compliant preservative in the H3 hazard class. OPX decking also complies with AS1604 and carries FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council) as a truly sustainable product.

OPX Decking

Softwoods have OPX decking available in two grades:
Clear Grade: Primarily clear with face and edges allowing some small isolated defects up to 1/4 width of the face. Back side of the boards have some small defects allowed.
Standard Grade: A tight knot grade that allows defects on up to 1/3rd of each boards face. Back face allows marginally more defects and some pith in places.

Both of these are excellent products and great value for money. Give us a call or come in to see our stock yourself

For some more information on OPX Decking, have a look at the Spec sheets linked below:

OPX Decking Technical Sheet

OPX Decking Maintenance Sheet