When we were developing our timber trade service we did a bit of thinking. What are the obstacles that tradies come up against that prevent them from either winning quotes or doing more business? And what do tradies want from us the most? How can we provide a service that’s worthwhile and will save time? The types of issues that we came up with were:

  • The need to draw up your own quotes and do stick by stick takeoffs
  • The need to price all timber and hardware
  • The provision of council documents, plans and elevations
  • The need to get engineering to pass council
  • Professional drawings and elevations to present to client and submit to council
  • The need for a reliable supplier who is also flexible and can help out at short notice if needed.
  • A 7 days a week service
  • A wide range of products available, as well as flexibility in providing and tracking down the products you need.
  • Better service than anywhere else and a can do culture
  • A team familiar with your needs who won’t need to be told every time.
  • No need to rifle through racks to find the stock that you need.

We’ve attempted to address all of these issues and more in creating a service that trade customers will appreciate. A large number of our trade customers are already experiencing the benefits, and our service is only getting better as we develop more technologies to help make your job easier.

Our offer to you is based around a simple premise. You can choose two different types of service.

The first of these is based on the idea of speed, flexibility, responsiveness and price. Our fast turnaround trade service will give you all of these, and supplement them with excellent friendly and knowledgeable service. This offer is based upon orders and quantities provided by you via phone fax or email, and our fulfilment of these orders in the shortest time frame possible, and at the best price we can give. We will communicate with you to establish your needs and do everything to ensure that we can exceed all of them.

Our second type of service is considerably more involved. You have the option to choose which of the services detailed below you’d like to benefit from. The suite of services below are all intended to save you time and money and make your presentations to clients both more informed and more professional. However, as they take time and money for us to provide you will need to pay a little more than for the fast turnaround service. The prices we put on these services are however far outweighed by the benefits that our customers are enjoying, both in time saved to you and extra business won.

You can choose from:

Use of our exclusively developed design system. Our system is a web based Java platform that runs a CAD engine and communicates with our database to draw engineered structures and calculate pricing down to the last nail. Which is a long way of saying that it is a system that can draw your structures, give you a price (in your pricing) generate a quote document for you to give to your customer, provide council drawings and elevations, provide engineering for council purposes and generate a bill of materials itemised with every single item in the structure. It will even create a full cutting list for you.

Agent Functionality: We are developing agent functionality in our system so you will be able to login and work in your own time, and generate your own quotes and drawings.

Service: We will go out of our way to win your business and keep it. We realise that there is a lot of competition for your dollars, a lot of which is exclusively based on price. We feel that as well as being competitive price wise, we can give assistance knowledge and service that others can’t touch. Our design system is one advantage that we have, but our ability to chase down stock for you, our wide range, and our responsiveness all work to our advantage. Give us a try and see for yourself.

Cost and Sell pricing: We can provide you with a cost and a sell price for each project that you’re quoting on. This means that you’ll know your margins on every job and that you can approach your quotes with certainty as to how much you might be able to discount to win the business.

Council Application Service: We lodge our applications to councils through an independent certifier, and we do the same for you. This has the benefit of minimizing the need for engineering on a number of jobs, as well as minimizing the time jobs spend in council and the time you spend chasing your applications.

Pre Cutting: Our design system can pre cut a number of different pergolas to the millimetre. Every angle on the structure is cut (except for post bottoms) So your time spent on site is minimized. With a fully cut structure, you can install it in a lot less time and move on to the next job. You can use pre cutting as a tool to both increase your profits as well as your business levels.

Decking: We have the widest (to our knowledge) range of pine and hardwood decking in stock in SA. Buying decking from us not only gives you flexibility in terms of range, you’ll also benefit from great quality and unbeatable prices. We’ve also found that our decking stock is of superior quality to that we’ve seen elsewhere, If you come and see us we’ll show you through the range and you can see for yourself.

Sourcing: If there’s something particular you’re after, we’re willing to go to the trouble of finding it for you. Instead of getting quotes on LVL’s and crank posts, we can save you the hassles and sort out all of the special items for you. If there’s something you use a lot of that’s unique, we’re happy to make sure that we source it for you and have it ready and waiting.

Range: In addition to our decking offers we stock a massive range of treated pine products, as well as everything else you might need to build your projects. See our timber range page for the full list of items in stock and their sizes and lengths. In addition to this we will always buy good quality and good value items as we see them on the market.

Introductory Offer: If you take the time to come and see us, and go ahead on a project, we’ll provide you with all of these services on your first job free of charge (aside from direct council fees) We’d love to gain and keep your business, so please get in touch and we’ll talk through your next job!

Softwoods exclusive design system

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