Lead Times and Delivery Information

1. Order placement to plans being emailed to the Customer 1 business day

2. Planning and building consent varies, contact your local council/shire for further information

3. Final order sent to Softwoods to materials being dispatched, 5 working days

4. Dispatch to arrival at the Bunnings store, 5-10 working days depending on location


• Incomplete or unclear Project Planners may cause a delay in producing the plans

• Delivery from the Bunnings store to the Customer’s house is the responsibility of the Customer or negotiated with Bunnings if Bunnings
have arrangements with local delivery services

• Ten working day delivery time may be exceeded in some remote areas

• Roofing, gutters and flashings may, at the discretion of Softwoods, be sent directly to the Customer’s house in some metropolitan areas. Bunnings
and the Customer will be advised if this is the case