The Language of Decking Design


So you’ve decided to build a timber deck. That’s excellent! But can you talk the talk, at least? You need to get with the program and master the language of decking design. (more…)

Pergola Design Ideas


Do you need pergola design ideas? Check out these distinctive examples of some of our work to gather some inspiration for your own pergola project. (more…)

The Timber Deck as Carbon Container


In August of 2015, former prime minister Tony Abbott declared that “We are not leading,” referring to Australia’s position in the world as a top producer of carbon emissions, “but we certainly aren’t lagging.” Indeed, Australia as late as two years ago was within the top 15 producers of total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and the biggest CO2 producer per capita. (more…)

Pergola Designs: Bending a Polycarbonate Roof


Your pergola designs may involve choosing between flat and gable roofing configurations. But here’s a third one to consider: curved polycarbonate roofing. And we’d like to show you the proper way to bend a polycarbonate roof. (more…)

Build with Timber and Save the Planet


When you enhance your property and build an outdoor living extension, saving the planet is probably the last thing on your mind, if it even comes to mind at all. But whether you intend to or not, building a deck or pergola with timber lets you take care of the environment. (more…)