Treated Pine Decking in Perth


Treated Pine decking in Perth is a viable option. Pine is abundant and quite affordable. And although it is a softwood, Western Australia’s generally dry climate and new timber treatment technologies make this timber a suitable material for decking boards. (more…)

How To Order Modular Decking Kits in Perth


The sun shines an amazing 70% of the year over Perth and the rest of West Australia. It’s perfect for enjoying the wonderful outdoors — either by active immersion or by looking out from the comfort of your timber deck. But you haven’t built your deck yet, you say? And you don’t have the time or the know-how? No problem, we’ll tell you how to order modular decking kits in Perth. (more…)

Jarrah Timber


Eucapyptus marginata is a remarkable hardwood tree that grows natively in Western Australia. Called Jarrah by Indigenous Australians, this timber’s durability, workability and beauty made it the material of choice for Perth’s grand timber projects during the early 19th century. Even until the 1980s, Jarrah timber was still the main material for roofing and floorboards of many Western Australian homes. (more…)

Privacy Fences Offer More Than Just Privacy


The name says it all; a privacy fence is built mainly to keep your outdoor activities away from prying eyes of nosy neighbours and curious passersby. The good news for you is that building one gives you a few other advantages as well. (more…)

Fence Posts That Last


If you want the most durable fence possible it’s important to use correctly treated fence posts because the life of a timber fence depends entirely on the durability of its posts. Using incorrect untreated posts could leave your fence vulnerable to rot because they are often in direct contact with the soil where moisture, fungi and insects may be abundant. (more…)