Enjoying Coffee On Your Deck


Photo downloaded from pexels.com

You built your timber deck so you can have a place to chill out and enjoy some time with yourself or with company. And if you happen to enjoy a good cup of coffee then you also have the ideal venue for enjoying the world’s most popular beverage. Here’s a quick guide to enjoying coffee on your deck. (more…)

Building a Timber Deck In Bushfire-Prone Areas


Bushfires are a natural part of the Australian landscape and remain a threat to communities built in areas that are prone to fire. Building a timber deck in one of these places sounds like a bad idea, but there are ways to minimise the danger. (more…)

Pergola Roofing Styles


When you visualise a pergola you are most likely thinking about pergola roofing. In essence, a pergola is a roof over your yard, deck or patio. It has no walls, windows nor doors to define it. Only its roof gives it character, identity and substance. (more…)