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Pergola Kits

Want to learn more about Softwoods? Watch below

Types of Timber

With steel prices rising, timber is not just the environmental choice for a DIY pergola Adelaide has to offer; it’s an economic one. Timber comes in many different species providing variable strength, size, colour, grain and density. With these variables comes different prices and performance.

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If you’re unsure of the best timber for the job, give us a ring and talk to the experts.

DIY Pergolas Adelaide — Kit Inclusions

We supply everything required to build your pergola, except the concrete. Our kits aren’t cut precisely, which allows for flexibility should there be any issues with the placement of posts. Our kits also come with detailed building instructions. In addition, we’re on hand to answer any questions or if you run into trouble during the build.

All Brackets, Fixings + Fasteners

There’s no need to head to the hardware store looking for bits and pieces – everything is included.

Plans & elevations for council/shire submission

If you’re building your structure yourself, we’ll provide you with a copy of plans to submit to your local council before building.

Roofing + Guttering

These essential components are included in your chosen colour.

Optional Timber Upgrades

Upgrades to timber varieties can be made at an additional cost.

Softwoods — DIY Pergola Kits Adelaide

Australians love the outdoors, but it isn’t always possible to up and take a hike. A pergola allows you to enjoy the world outside your home, and not have to stray far away. You can bring the outdoors in, or take the indoors out. A pergola creates a point of interest that can complement your home and make it more interesting. It also provides opportunities to add to your property’s aesthetic appeal. Pergolas vary in shapes and sizes according to your needs. They can be extremely small structures that cover or shade a front doorstep, or they can cover a walkway hundreds of metres long. By adding colour, plants and other decorative objects, the pergola can contribute to the overall visual appeal of the outdoor space.

We know that building at home is a significant undertaking, and we want to help you to achieve your results with less stress and effort. Using a pre-cut kit makes building a pergola easier for people who otherwise might not have the confidence to build it themselves. Our design system feeds data from our computer to a saw that precisely cuts the angles for each piece of timber in our pergola, making DIY pergola building nowhere near as time-consuming or daunting as it would otherwise be. By taking the guesswork out of a DIY building, you’ll save significant time and money. In addition to what you’re paying for when you deal with us, we also provide you with the peace of mind that comes with 30 years of experience.