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25 Year Warranty

At Softwoods, we provide our customers with a comprehensive warranty, the basic idea of which can be quickly summarised with the statement: “you take care of it, and we’ll take care of you” The idea behind this is that provided you take a few simple steps to maintain your structure, we’ll replace any faulty timbers within it for 25 years. We’re serious about our warranty because we want you to know that if you buy from us, you’re buying something that will last.

Please read on for the conditions and specifics of our Warranty:

Softwoods will provide a 25 year warranty against wood rot, insect and fungal attack. This means we will replace the affected pieces of timber on your structure at no cost to you.

As with all warranties there are a few conditions that must be abided by in order to validate the warranty. The conditions are:

  • All timber fully painted within a month of supply
  • All timber well maintained with an appropriate paint or stain
  • All posts to be held in suitable post supports above ground
  • All structures must be built using good building practices within Softwoods guidelines
  • Warranty does not cover vandalism, fire or natural disasters

For more details please see the complete warranty statement below.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime limited warranty certificate covering your use of CCA Treated Micro Reeded Treated Radiata Pine (“the productâ€Â) supplied by Softwoods Timberyards Pty Ltd (Softwoods).

When the product is used at a privately owned residence Softwoods will provide a 25 year warranty against wood rot, insect and fungal attack in accordance with Australian Standard 1604. The product may also be structurally graded in accordance with AS2858 ensuring it’s long term performance.

The warranty will only apply if the product (including cut ends exposed to the weather) has been painted within a month of the date of supply and is well maintained with a suitable outdoor acrylic paint or stain. If the structure is built unpainted with the intention of painting within one month of completion, then cut ends must be re treated with a suitable product such as Blue 7 or Protim XJ before construction commences. The warranty applies to CCA, LOSP or ACQ Treated posts provided they are placed on a suitable post support above ground level.

The warranty is effective from the date of purchase for as long as you own the property at which your new Softwoods timber structure is built. This warranty is not transferable. The original consumer purchaser will be entitled to receive new softwoods timber in exchange for timber damaged by wood rot, insect or fungal attack. To make arrangements for this exchange of timber, the original owner must send the original purchase invoice showing the date of purchase (together with dated receipts for paint or stain used to maintain the timber) to Softwoods Timberyards Pty Ltd 573 Port Rd, Croydon SA 5008.

Softwoods shall not be liable for any installation or re-installation costs or for the natural characteristics of some wood to split, warp, twist or delaminate, or for any incidental or consequential damages. The warranty does not cover any loss or damage caused by vandalism, fire, disasters of nature or non compliance with Softwoods storage or installation recommendations.

This warranty is subject to good building practices being exercised in all applications. If in doubt, refer to your local council or building practitioner for advice.