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Types of Timber

Decking comes in many different species offering variable strength, size, colour, grain and density. With these variables come different prices and performance.

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If you’re unsure of the best timber for the job, give us a ring and talk to the experts.

What's in a deck?

The typical timber deck comprises of strategically positioned posts for support. To ensure the posts are appropriately treated and fastened, we prefer to use in ground posts over those placed in shoes or stirrups. Bearers are then attached to the top of the posts and run parallel along the deck, providing stability and support. They are usually the largest timber used in the deck. Joists are then placed across the bearers, resting on top of them.

Decking boards are fixed on top of the joists, running in the same direction as the bearers. Calculating the appropriate sizes for the bearers and joists is a complex process that involves intricate engineering and multiple variables. While this basic structure can form the foundation of a deck, it can be modified in various ways to create intricate designs with multiple levels, unconventional shapes or suspended from the side of a building.