Types of Carport


Using the same basic templates as we do with Pergolas we can create a large variety of carport designs. Gable roof carports will match the pitch of most home’s roofs and using hip ends will allow you to further integrate your carport into your home’s appearance.
Flat or skillion roof carports can integrate into homes with flat roofs, or act as a visual counterpoint to a more traditional home. A flat carport can also be lined and include downlights if required.

Integration of timber screening into carport kits can provide your car with more protection as well as give a side of your home some privacy from the neighbours. Timber screening is also a great way of providing the feel of an enclosed space to a carport without actually having to add walls.

In terms of the size of carport you require, a typical double carport has a width of 5.4 to 6.0m and a single carport is usually 3.0m wide. The depth will normally be from 5.4 to 6.0m. If you have a four wheel drive or large vehicle then we may need to increase these sizes slightly.