Softwoods Millboard Composite Decking

Softwoods aim to give our customers the best and most suitable options for your decking and other outdoor living extensions. It is in this spirit that we have partnered with Millboard, the manufacturer of the world’s only hand-moulded polyurethane alternative to timber decking boards.

Enhanced Grain Colours Available:

Millboard - Limed Oak

Limed Oak

Millboard - Smoked Oak

Smoked Oak

Millboard - Carbonised Charred

Carbonised Charred

Millboard - Jarrah


Millboard - Copperised Oak

Copperised Oak

Millboard - Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Weathered Oak Available:

Millboard - Vintage


Millboard - Driftwood


Millboard - Carbonised Embered

Carbonised Embered

Millboard’s Timberless Timber

Millboard Composite Decking

The uniquely appealing characteristic of Millboard products is that while they have the appearance of authentic high end timber boards they contain absolutely 0% timber! They are the only carbon-verified premium timber-free outdoor flooring material in the entire world.

Free Decking Quote - Using our Online Design ToolMillboard decking boards are produced from an innovative blend of natural minerals bonded in a polymer resin with long fibre reinforcement for added strength and durability. Modelled from selected samples of popular decking board timber such as Oak and Jarrah, many of the steps in the production process are carried out by hand to ensure that the products capture the timber’s painstaking level of detail.

Each product is hand-coloured to recreate the subtle nuances of the real timber. The result is a product line that looks astonishingly like timber, down to the very grain, but contains no timber at all.

Millboard’s Environmental Impact


Consider this: the latte you buy from your favourite cafe has a higher carbon footprint than a square-millimetre of a Millboard decking board. Sustainability is a key philosophy at Millboard and they are the first outdoor flooring company to have the carbon footprint of their products independently verified according to international standards.

Enhanced Features, Enhanced Decking


Millboard decking boards offer the following advantages:

  • Virtually maintenance-free. Maintenance is often an afterthought for most deck owners, but it represents a significant expense in both time and resources. Timber decks need to be regularly maintained so you can enjoy them over a long period of time. But Millboard decking boards contain no timber or plastic. They do not absorb moisture and so they do not shrink or expand the way natural timber does. Millboard decking boards will continue to look shining, shimmering and splendid — even with no or very little maintenance.
  • Resistant to mold, rot and algae. Because water cannot penetrate it, a Millboard decking board is highly resistant to the ravages of moisture. Molds and algae that normally flourish within the cracks and crevices of natural timber cannot penetrate into Millboard boards. Therefore these invasive species cannot cause the board’s structure to weaken and rot.
  • Slip resistant. Millboard decking boards are designed to be non-slip, thereby decreasing the chances of anyone hurting himself or herself and having an awful time while partying on your deck.
  • Splinter resistant. One of the annoying things about natural timber is that it tends to splinter when damaged. The damage may be too small to affect the board itself, but these tiny splinters can hurt someone when they penetrate into the skin. This problem just doesn’t exist for Millboard decking boards.
  • U.V. stability. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are bad enough for your skin when exposed to excessive amounts but they can also cause your decking boards to fade. Millboard decks are UV-stable and will stay looking fresh and new for years and years, even when continuously exposed to harsh sunlight.
  • Scratch and stain resistant. The protective coating applied to every Millboard decking board prevents scratches and stains from damaging the underlying board surface.
  • Hard wearing and durable. Millboard decking boards are made of material that is tough, durable and long-lasting. The polyurethane is hard wearing and will last for over 25 years with very little maintenance.

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