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Pergola Kits

Want to learn more about Softwoods? Watch below

Types of Timber

We use the highest quality timber to construct the frame and rafters of our pergola kits. With steel prices on the rise, is the smart economic choice. Timber comes in many different species offering variable strength, size, colour, grain and density. With these variables comes different price and performance levels.

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If you’re unsure of the best timber for the job, give us a ring and talk to the experts.

DIY Pergolas Sydney — Kit Inclusions

Our kits come delivered to you as a complete package. It includes a full pre-cut structure complete with all fittings, roofing and guttering along with plans and elevations for council/shire approval and. Our kits aren’t cut precisely, which allows for flexibility should there be any issues with the placement of posts.

All Brackets, Fixings + Fasteners

There’s no need to head to the hardware store looking for bits and pieces – everything is included.

Plans & elevations for council/shire submission

If you’re building your structure yourself, we’ll provide you with a copy of plans to submit to your local council before building.

Roofing + Guttering

These essential components are included in your chosen colour.

Optional Timber Upgrades

Upgrades to timber varieties can be made at an additional cost.

DIY Pergola Kits Sydney — Softwoods

An outdoor living area is the perfect place to slow down time and relax. Bring the indoors out to extend your living space with a custom designed pergola. With a range of sizes and styles available, pergolas are the perfect addition to any home. We know your house and property is different to any other, so our DIY kits are custom designed and manufactured to fit your exact needs. Once you’ve sent us the specifications, we’ll quote, design and manufacture the kit precisely to your specifications. We’ll then provide you with a custom pergola design that’s backed by our exclusive engineering.

Each kit is cut to precise measurements using our computerised design system integrated with an automated saw. Our kits are all prefabricated, so there’s no cutting for you to do. All that’s left is to assemble the kit with our easy to use instructions. To make sure you get the best result for your pergola, we also offer after sales support if you need extra advice when building your structure. Our team of friendly and experienced builders can quickly answer any of your questions. Call one of our DIY pergola Sydney specialists for advice or to obtain a free no obligation quote. We’re here to help!