Suntuf solarsmart

Suntuf Solarsmart polycarbonate roofing is Suntuf’s premium sheet. Offering a huge array of benefits to both protect you and your family from the damaging rays and heat of the sun, Solarsmart will also keep your outdoor area as cool and light as is possible.
Solarsmart sheets feature a unique embossed finish which helps to eliminate glare from the sun and protects both your skin and your eyes. This special embossed coating on the underside of the sheet provides glare free diffused light, which spreads evenly across your pergola for a brighter, softer and safer light in your outdoor area.
Solarsmart sheets also feature heat reflective technology which reflects heat across the entire ultra-violet light spectrum, not just the portion that provides visible light. Near infra red radiation from the sun is invisible to our eyes but contains large amounts of heat that we can feel on our skin. Suntuf solarsmart is unique in it’s ability to block out this near infra red heat radiation.
All Solarsmart sheets are flexible, impact resistant and are able to be easily cut for building. They’re also extremely lightweight, and offer a great combination of heat and light properties. Solarsmart sheets will give you and your family 99.9 UV protection as tested by Australian Skin Cancer Research Foundation. In addition to UV testing, Solarsmart polycarbonate sheets have been early fire hazard tested (AS 1530) sandbag impact tested (AS1562-3) and rated for cyclonic winds (tested to AS4040.3).

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Suntuf Solarsmart pricing

Softwoods have worked closely with Suntuf for years so our volumes allow us to offer you extremely low pricing. In addition you can order your Suntuf roofing online in our webstore right now, check out and have the goods delivered directly to you. There’s no need to send emails or get on the phone and our pricing doesn’t change based on where you live.

Suntuf Solarsmart information

Suntuf Solarsmart are premium grade high performance polycarbonate sheets that are available from softwoods at a great price. They cover most roofing applications, actively cooling the areas covered, and can be used for any purpose from one panel skylights to roofing, or to enclose an outdoor area as cladding. Suntuf Solarsmart offers 99.9% UV protection for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors and it also has amazing heat reflection capacities which repel heat across the UV spectrum and ensure you are both cool and protected from the damaging rays of the sun.

Suntuf Solarsmart colours

The Solarsmart range of Suntuf polycarbonate sheets are available in 5 distinctive colours: Diffused Grey, Diffused Ice, Transparent Grey, Sand Dune and Metallic Jasper. These colours suit all ranges of building applications and they offer differing degrees of opacity and heat reflection. Your colour choice will have a significant bearing on the internal appearance of your patio or pergola and the level of heat that you feel when there is direct sunlight on the roof of your structure.

Profiles and lengths

Suntuf Solarsmart is available in two different profiles to give you the look you are searching for. You can select from a corrugated profile or a more defined squarer greca profile. The difference in profiles largely comes down to aesthetic preferences as the sheets have close to the same height of corrugation and will remove the same amount of water.

Suntuf Solarsmart is available in a range of standard lengths that are appropriate for all applications. All you need to do is determine the length you need for your structure and order it (order the next size up if what you need isn’t exactly the same as any of the standard lengths) Sheets can be cut to length easily using a jigsaw, a stanley knife, heavy duty shears or a circular saw

Standard sheet lengths for Suntuf Solarsmart are:  1.8,2.1,2.4,2.7,3.0,3.6, 4.2, 4.8, 5.4, 6.0, 7.2

Screws and accessories

Suntuf offer a proprietary Clearfix screw to fix their sheets. These screws are the best and quickest way to fix polycarbonate roofing to a pergola as they remove the need to pre drill any holes into the sheet before you fix it. Clearfix screws have a grey plastic widget that sits below the head of the screw, ensures the screw is not fixed too tightly and helps to create a watertight seal over the expansion hole that is made by the flared feature on the screw itself (this is to allow the sheets to safely expand and contract with hot and cold conditions) Clearfix screws should always be installed on the top of corrugations so that they don’t sit in flowing water and in doing so expose the roof to leaks.

Eave infill strips

Eave infill strips consist of a custom cut foam section that fit directly on top of your roof sheets top profile to seal your roofline against water running upwards over the top of your sheets, as well as preventing dust accumulation and the sheltering of pests. Infill strips will stop your roof sheets from rattling or making any unwanted noise in windy conditions.

Purlin Tape

Purlin tape is used by builders to reduce the noise that polycarbonate sheets make when they move on top of the timber or steel they are affixed to. Roof sheets are drilled into the structure and when they move with the wind or expand and contract in hot and cold conditions they can creak and make plenty of noise. By using purlin tape on top of the purlins of your pergola before affixing the roof sheets you eliminate this problem. Purlin tape is available in 25m rolls.

Back channel and infill

Suntuf back channel and infill strips create a neat finish for your roof sheets if they sit against the wall of your home. The top of your roof sheets are slotted into a powder coated back channel with an infill to ensure a tight fit and prevent insects or dust accumulating. Back channel also stops water from draining over the top of your roof sheets.

Barge and Ridge capping

Your pergolas roof may also need some metalgoods to finish it off effectively. Barge capping covers the end of your roof sheets and is attached to the end rafters of your pergola to create a waterproof seal. Ridge capping is used on gable pergolas and allows the roof sheets to sit under a broad cap that again prevents water from getting into the structure.

Delivery to home or site

Softwoods are happy to be able to deliver your Suntuf roofing order to your home for $71 Your order can be delivered in a matter of days to your home or site. Simply place your order in our web shop

Specification sheets

Please click on the links below for specification and installation information sheets

Suntuf Technical Data

Suntuf Greca Spec sheet

Suntuf Corrugated Spec sheet

Suntuf Warranty Info

Suntuf Brochure

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