Things to Consider with Flat Roof Pergolas

flat roof pergolas

You can classify pergolas according to the roof design they use. Gable pergolas feature roofs with two sloping sides that come together at a ridge. Flat roof pergolas (also referred to as “Skillion” pergolas) have, well, flat roofs that are almost level (we’ll explain in a bit why they are almost, but not completely level). (more…)

Types of Timber Treatment

Timber treatments

Timber has it quite rough; it’s under constant attack from fungi, insects and the weather. Were it not for the treatment it has,  the timber that makes up your deck or pergola would  quickly rot away. Wood treatments effectively protect timber from these harmful elements that can cause damage, rot and decay. (more…)

Installing the Decking Substructure

Install the decking substructure

The key to a durable and long-lasting deck lies in the attention and care given to assembling its substructure. While Softwoods deck and pergola kits are designed to be easily assembled by even the greenest DIY enthusiasts, we have made sure that our kits also provide durability, moisture resistance, stability and freedom from costly future maintenance. (more…)

Essential Tools for Building Your Deck or Pergola

Essential tools for building your deck or pergola

If all you have is a hammer, then it would be tempting to treat everything like a nail. Unfortunately, if all you have is a hammer then you will never be able to build your deck or pergola project. Constructing an outdoor extension requires accomplishing numerous tasks and each task requires a specific tool to accomplish. (more…)