What you need to know about Timber Screens for privacy


Occasionally you might find yourself thinking that you’ve really had enough of looking at your ugly iron fence, or maybe your neighbours have a perfect view into your yard, or vice versa. Maybe you feel like your yard is a bit of a fishbowl?

These days, larger homes are occupying ever-smaller lots, and as the demand for outdoor living areas grows, privacy is at a premium. It’s only natural to make the most of the space we have available and that’s where timber screening can give you the privacy you need without looking like an iron curtain. (more…)

Chain of Custody of Timber

Timber chain of custody

One of the most remarkable things about timber, other than its ability to be great building material, is that it’s an organic and sustainable product that provides net benefits to the environment. Not only does timber store carbon through its life cycle but it is recyclable. The production and processing of timber products also use less energy than most other building materials, which in turn results in fewer emissions and less pollution. There is no question about timbers benefit to the environment, and Softwoods along with environmentalists worldwide greatly value it as a resource. (more…)