Family Time On Your Deck


If you are just starting your family or if you already have a young one (or two, or three) then spending quality time with your loved ones must be a major concern. Fortunately it’s a concern you can easily address right at the perfect venue within your home — your timber deck. We offer you some tips on spending quality family time on your deck. (more…)

Decking Design: Privacy Screens


A well-designed deck is seldom bare. It incorporates elements that are either functional or visually appealing or both. Privacy screens and in-built bench seats are examples of integrated structural elements that enhance decking design. (more…)

Why Build Timber Decking In Adelaide?


Australia’s fifth largest city is also the fifth most livable city in the world. Its beaches, vineyards, the Mediterranean-like summers and its laid-back vibe make it a great place to live in. But it gets even better when you build timber decking in your Adelaide property. (more…)

Building a Timber Deck By the Sea


Moisture has always been a challenge for all types of timber structures. But when you intend to build a timber deck by the seashore protecting it from the elements is an extremely important consideration. (more…)