Spring Is the Perfect Time for Deck Construction


If you have deck construction on your mind then now is the perfect time to get it started. Spring brings with it renewed vigour after the bleakness of winter, a sort of staging ground for the coming summer. Build your timber deck now and be ready to take in the beautiful outdoors when summer comes. (more…)

The Anatomy of Timber Decking


No matter what size, design or complexity all timber decks share a number of distinct features. We’ll take a look at these features that make up the anatomy of a timber deck. (more…)

Build Pergola Skylights With Polycarbonate Sheets


Skylights are really nothing more than openings in the roof that allow natural sunlight to stream through and illuminate the room in dramatic ways. You can build pergola skylights with polycarbonate sheets and achieve these awesome lighting effects yourself. (more…)

Timber Railings and Balustrades


Timber railings and balustrades are almost always expected to be part of a deck, patio or pergola. And so it’s not surprising to find them in most outdoor extensions. But it may not be clear to you just why they are there in the first place and what purpose they serve. (more…)