Carports Protect Your Car From the Elements


Your car is a significant expense and perhaps the most useful piece of equipment you have in your arsenal for daily living. So it makes a lot of sense that you build a carport to protect your car from the elements especially during these summer months. (more…)

Outdoor Speakers To Enhance Your Deck


Image courtesy of Max Pixel

Hanging out with your mates on your patio during the summer is loads of fun. But do you know what would make this an even more awesome experience? Music! Chilling on your deck with your fave tunes playing in the background can make hours of backyard lounging truly enjoyable. Here’s how to plan for installing outdoor speakers on your deck or pergola. (more…)

Why It’s Great to Use DAR Timber for Decking


One of the many types of timber available at the Softwoods stores is dressed-all-round (DAR) timber. The term refers to the process that gives the timber its final appearance. It is machine-planed and smoothed on all sides and the edges are generally rounded so it’s great to use DAR timber for decking. (more…)

Treated Pine Sizes For Decking


Treated pine sizes vary depending on their intended purpose. Softwoods carry timber in varying lengths and sizes and can also pre-cut the timber according to your design specifications. (more…)

Functional Decking Designs


“Form follows function,” goes the time-tested design philosophy. It certainly holds true for timber decking. Here are some tips for functional decking designs. (more…)