Deck Design Made Easy


Deck design does not seem to require much. Create a flat surface using some timber boards and you have you deck, right? Well, not quite. It turns out there is much more to building a deck than simply laying out timber boards. (more…)

How to Deal With Merbau Wood Stains


Merbau wood is great to use for decking timber. Tough, durable and visually appealing, it has become a favourite of builders and homeowners. But it has one particularly annoying quality; merbau timber “bleeds” which can stain surrounding structures. (more…)

ACQ Makes Pine Timber Deck-Worthy Once Again


There was a time when treated pine timber was the material of choice for decks. And then it was determined that chemicals used as preservatives if ingested can be dangerous to children and pets. At the same time people discovered that local and imported hardwoods made excellent decks as well. And so treated pine fell out of favour and for quite some time now has been pushed aside by hardwood species. (more…)

Repair Damaged Polycarbonate Roofing


Photo courtesy of Alice Higgins

Polycarbonate roofs are quite tough and durable. You can hit a polycarbonate sheet with a hammer and it is unlikely to break. But like many other materials, it, too, can give way in the face of Mother Nature’s fury. That’s exactly what happened when a hail storm hit Adelaide last Friday, damaging crops, cars and property. Polycarbonate roofs were no exception. (more…)