Your Timber Deck Keeps You Healthy


Recently we wrote about timber’s ability to soothe and heal and how hanging out on a timber deck offers the same health benefits as spending time outdoors. So we got to thinking, how can your deck help you stay healthy? (more…)

Vines for the Pergola


When pergolas first came into being, they were nothing more than overhead trellises where vines were trained to provide shade. In keeping with that tradition, we explore which Australian climbing plants are best for your pergola. (more…)

DIY Decking, or Call the Experts?


It’s incredibly fun and rewarding to build something yourself, which is precisely the appeal of DIY decking. But is it worth the trouble? Or do you just pick up the phone and call in the experts to build your deck for you? (more…)

The Appeal of Timber Decking


Decks and pergolas continue to be popular expressions of outdoor love among homeowners. And even while alternatives are becoming more and more available, timber is still the preferred decking material. Here are some reasons why timber decking rocks. (more…)

Picket Fencing: More Than Just a Pretty Facade


Nothing adds rustic charm and character to property like picket fencing. The repeating pattern of straight-cut, evenly-spaced and often immaculate white timber creates an appealing visual that pleases the eye. It’s no surprise that the picket fence has come to symbolise stability, abundance and peaceful living. (more…)