Lighting Up Your Patio Deck or Pergola

Patio, deck or pergola lighting design

The coming warm summer nights promise endless hours of entertaining family and friends on your patio. Make the experience truly memorable with the right deck or pergola lighting. Lighting design is often an afterthought once the outdoor extension has been completed, or could be altogether overlooked. (more…)

Plant a Vertical Garden in Your Patio, Deck or Pergola

Plant a Vertical Garden in Your Patio, Deck or Pergola

Growing and maintaining a garden on your deck, pergola or patio can be very fulfilling and loads of fun. But if you really get into it you could easily run out of space. The solution? Plant a vertical garden and maximise the space in your outdoor extension. (more…)

Build a Timber Deck Over Concrete

Build a timber deck over concrete

Concrete is a versatile and durable flooring material, but in time it can end up in pretty bad shape. How do you add life to a tired, old, cold and dull slab of concrete? Why not build a timber deck on top of it? (more…)

DIY Deck Considerations

DIY deck considerations

As a DIY builder, you know that nothing exceeds the satisfaction and fulfillment of constructing your own outdoor extension. A gleaming new deck is the embodiment of your skill, craft and effort and a source of pride when completed. However, when building a new deck for your home you need to consider other details beyond the actual build. (more…)