Ways To Decorate A Pergola


A pergola can do wonders to your property’s visual appeal. But how do you make this attraction even more attractive? Here are a few ways to decorate a pergola. (more…)

Build A Deck Or A Pergola, Avoid Winter Mud


Winter is coming. Now this isn’t some plug for “Game of Thrones,” winter really is coming in a couple of months. And if you have some considerable unused backyard space the coming cold season may mean something quite unpleasant for you: mud. Now is the time to consider building a deck or a pergola atop that empty yard space and avoid winter mud. (more…)

Functional Timber Deck Balustrade Ideas


At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much about balustrades and handrails for your timber deck. They’re essentially barriers that protect you from stepping over the edge of the deck. But apply some imagination and construction smarts and the humble railing can transform into something more. Here are some delightful timber deck balustrade ideas. (more…)

Build a Timber Deck During Easter Weekend


Easter Weekend provides an incredible opportunity to go ahead with that timber decking project you’ve had in mind for so long but haven’t gotten started on yet, for whatever reason. (more…)

Start Your Decking Project On Adelaide Cup Weekend


(Photo courtesy of pxhere.com)

Everyone looks forward to Adelaide Cup Day, at least everyone in South Australia, that is. After all, it’s a long weekend that ends in a busy day of festivities at the Morphetville race track. But here’s an idea: why not spend the time getting started on that project you’ve been thinking of doing? Start your decking project on Adelaide Cup weekend and have your outdoor area ready by the time it’s footy season. (more…)