Pergola Roofing Styles


When you visualise a pergola you are most likely thinking about pergola roofing. In essence, a pergola is a roof over your yard, deck or patio. It has no walls, windows nor doors to define it. Only its roof gives it character, identity and substance. (more…)

Deck Storage Solutions


A timber deck extends the living area of your home and gives you extra space within which to enjoy your property. The bonus for you is that you get deck storage space where you can stow stuff that would otherwise clutter the yard or your house. Following are some examples of how to use your deck as storage. (more…)

Dress Up Your Deck For the Summer


Spending summers on the deck or patio is a national obsession. You might as well dress up your deck to make it a comfortable, pleasant and desirable venue for chilling out during the warm months. Check out these ideas. (more…)

Zen and the Art of Decking


Stress is a killer. In fact it is one of the leading causes of death and sickness the world over. And it seems to have become an ingrained part of modern daily living. How can you fight off such a beast? The answer may already be sitting right outside your house, perhaps in the middle of your yard. (more…)