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Decking testimonial

By August 26, 2014March 26th, 2020No Comments

low level merbau deck
Occasionally we get a testimonial from one of our customers that really gets at the point of what we are doing, and why building something yourself can be worth your time. That’s why I’ve posted this one below. Stephanie has been kind enough to share her experience with us, and as someone who has also built a deck myself I have to say that she is absolutely right about the efforts being worth it. Great job Stephanie! thanks again.
So often I walked in to many trade stores to buy the bits and pieces to build my deck, or ask for tips on certain aspects, and I had so many people talk down to me, one sales associate rolled his eyes at me when I said I would be building my own deck, and another told me it couldn’t be done.  A friend recommended I go to Softwoods at Croydon, I was lucky enough to  deal with Jakuf who has provided supportive and prompt service every time.
I built my deck from scratch, and only had extra hands when some timber was bowed – I soon worked out a way to rectify this so I could build it on my own (car jacks certainly come in handy!)  My base was terrible due to the concreter not laying the slab properly during the build of my home, I had to grind away concrete under my door frames, and had to dynabolt my joists to the slab.  Definitely not ideal, but my only option.  I also had the added complexity of having angle cuts in every row – this soon became an easy task.  I had a lot of fun building my deck, although there were challenging times, and given I work two jobs I often found myself working out in the evening under head torch.  Seeing the end result has really made this project worthwhile!  I’m now looking forward to building my front deck, I’m not concerned about the angles I need to deal with, and feel much more confident in getting the job done properly! I definitely recommend the DIY approach to anyone – the pride you feel at the end takes away the pain from all of the struggles.  Just take your time – it’s a big job, and you don’t want a shonky looking deck!
Stephanie, Parafield Gardens