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Timber’s Soothing and Healing Power

By October 12, 2015March 26th, 2020No Comments

Timber's soothing and healing power
We love the outdoors and take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy it. And why not? Australia is blessed with some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet. Spending time outdoors calms down anxieties and soothes any tensions brought about by daily personal, family and work issues. It’s a great way to keep ourselves grounded and healthy. And that’s precisely why we need to use more timber in our homes, in school and at work.
A study has been commissioned by Planet Ark, a non-profit organisation promoting environmentally sound life practices, for their “Make It Wood, Do Your World Some Good” campaign. The report mentions that “exposure to wood products has measurable health benefits, similar to those created by spending time in nature.” Published last March, the report suggests that we incorporate more timber products from responsible sources into our everyday lives to increase our well-being and improve our quality-of-life.
This absolutely makes sense given the tremendous popularity of Softwoods timber decks and pergolas. We’ve known all along that given the choice, most people prefer timber for their outdoor extensions. The Planet Ark report, in fact, states that when asked to choose, two of every three people surveyed preferred wood items, furniture and designs over other materials. What’s news to us is realising that this probably reflects some subconscious recognition that wood makes people feel good and helps them heal.
Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that producing timber for construction creates less carbon emissions than producing steel or concrete. That means when you build a beautiful timber deck or pergola to enjoy its soothing and healing qualities, you are actually helping the earth itself heal by helping lessen carbon emissions. Timber heals you. Timber heals the world!
In case you want to help heal the earth, and at the same time enjoy its soothing pleasures from your very own timber deck or pergola, give us a call. Softwoods have been in the business for over three decades now. Our professional designers and builders will help you turn your outdoor extension ideas into reality.