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5 Favourite Composite Decking Colours

By August 13, 2018March 26th, 2020No Comments

Composite decking is getting to be a popular alternative to timber. Here are the five top Trex composite deck colours Softwoods offer.
Once considered a low quality substitute for timber, composite decks have evolved and developed into a viable alternative. Trex have been at the forefront of this emergence, developing technology that allows them to manufacture products that are durable, require very little maintenance and have no negative impact on the environment.
Composite boards were also once considered inferior to timber because of their synthetic appearance, which tended to get worse and fade over time. But Trex have also solved this problem and have come up with products that realistically mimic timber with distinctive hardwood streaking and intense tropical hues.

Lava Rock

Lava is a product of both earth and fire. Trex’s Lava Rock is as grounded, stable and substantial as the earth itself. It looks and feels solid and dominant. But at the same time its fire component contributes a feeling of passion, action, creativity and power. This colour is great if you want a solid-looking deck that also promises infinite possibilities. Lava Rock’s lush, dark hues reminds us a lot of walnut.

Spiced Rum

Like its namesakes, Spiced Rum is warm and earthy, characterised by darker, more pronounced streaking. With the exotic air of spice and the potency of rum, this colour works well if you want a deck design that feels wild and exotic and pulsates with energy.

Tiki Torch

Tiki Torch looks and feels like Spotted Gum. It is the lightest in shade and the warmest in hue among these five products. This colour was made available in response to the clamour for a product with the same exotic appeal as the others in this line but lighter. Tiki Torch is light brown with deep reddish hardwood streaks that give the structure the beauty of tropical timber.

Island Mist

Romance and mystery is what Island Mist’s silvery shade is all about. There continues to be demand for silvery shade in homes, including deck design. The worn, weathered look feels timeless and delicate, like the image on a postcard from the turn of the 20th century.

Havana Gold

Imagine yourself sipping on a tall glass of rum and coke while enjoying the sunset from a beach hut in Havana — that’s precisely the feel brought to you by Havana Gold. Trex have called this its most organic hue, and its subtle, understated tone has made it one of the favourites in this line.