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Taming The Summer With A Pergola

By July 30, 2018March 26th, 2020No Comments

Summer will be here soon and so will the heat. A pergola comes in handy to cope with the soaring temperatures and helps you truly enjoy the outdoors during this time of the year.
The heat of summer can be incredibly unforgiving. It can be uncomfortable (at the very least) even while you stay indoors away from the sun. And this may quickly escalate to unbearable if you plan on staying outdoors directly underneath it. And as if that’s not troublesome enough, staying directly underneath the sun for extended periods of time increases the danger of contracting melanoma.
This is where having a pergola out in your yard comes in handy. Here’s how a pergola helps you bear the (often) cruel summer sun.


The word “pergola” comes from the Latin “pergula,” which means a roof that projects out from a structure. Traditionally pergolas were built to provide shade. Now isn’t that just convenient? Because ample shade is the first line of defense against the hot summer sun. It’s also the simplest. A roofed pergola is most effective in blocking out the sun. But if you prefer natural lighting then you may opt for polycarbonate roofing, which comes in different levels of transparency. Or you may even decide to mix and match steel roofing with polycarbonate for total control over shade and lighting.


People often think of a pergola as nothing more than a roof that sits on top of some posts, and they would be mostly correct. But in many cases that concept may no longer be accurate, such as when the pergola is attached to the home and so it gains a wall or two. Or it may happen that the pergola owner is all about privacy and installs slatted timber screens all around to protect the space from unwanted attention.
Whatever the case, when walls rise up around the pergola this affects the flow of air into and out of the structure. You’ll feel the effects on a muggy day, even with a roof providing shade for you. Fortunately a pergola can be configured to deal with this as well. We can build a vented ridge on the roof; it’s a mechanism that lets the warm air that may have been building underneath the structure escape out, therefore cooling the area within the pergola.
The slatted timber screens themselves allow the pergola to be ventilated. The spaces between the slats let air flow freely into and out of the structure.

Rest and Relaxation

The pergola is perfect for some summer R&R. And what better way is there to beat the heat than to slow down, kick up your feet, bracket out all your concerns and just enjoy the time on your pergola?


Spending summer outdoors amidst Mother Nature soothes the nerves, regulates blood pressure and relieves stress. Spend enough time outdoors and your health benefits. But when that’s not possible the next best thing is to bring the outdoors into your home via a pergola.