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Build A Pergola – Gutter and Downpipe

By November 6, 2018December 14th, 2021No Comments



The accompanying video demonstrates how to install gutters and downpipes when you build a pergola.

The gutter and downpipe are essential components of pergola roofing as they redirect rainwater away from the house. This prevents water from building up and causing damage to the structure. Without them, water could fall and collect in random places around the house and the pergola and the ground around these structures could get waterlogged. This can then threaten the integrity of the structures’ foundations.
The video will take you through the following steps in installing the gutter and downpipe.

  • Cutting and installing stop ends
  • Attaching the gutter
  • Installing gutter clips
  • Sealing gutter joints
  • Installing and sealing the pop
  • Preparing and attaching the downpipe

For more detailed descriptions of these procedures, visit our previous blog post HOW TO BUILD A PERGOLA – STEP TEN. You may notice that some of the instructions differ from what’s shown in the video. Peter (who built the structure in the video) is a professional builder with years of experience and so much building savvy that he has developed techniques that are effective but may be difficult for newbies and recreational builders to follow.
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