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Carports Protect Your Car From the Elements

By January 2, 2017March 26th, 2020No Comments

Your car is a significant expense and perhaps the most useful piece of equipment you have in your arsenal for daily living. So it makes a lot of sense that you build a carport to protect your car from the elements especially during these summer months.

  • Sunlight is healthy for you but too much of it can be harmful. And the same goes for your car. Too much sun can actually damage your vehicle. It won’t burst into flames or anything dramatic like that. But heat can build up inside the car and could in time cause damage to the interior. And if you’ve ever experienced having to get into a car that has been sitting out under the sun for some time then you know how uncomfortable that can be. Sun can also have very bad effects on the paint job of your car and can cause significant damage if left unchecked
  • Changes in temperature can also change the inflation levels of your tyres. If these changes are not within the car manufacturer’s recommended level then your vehicle may not respond as expected or may even malfunction.
  • Excessive heat is one of the things that shortens battery life.
  • It’s not just the sun that you need to worry about, though. Even rain can be dangerous to your car. Levels of air pollution are such that when combined with water (in the form of rainfall) the resulting precipitation tends to be acidic — acid rain. No one has to tell you that acid is not good, particularly for your car’s paint job.
  • If you live on a leafy street you will also know that parking your car under a tree doesn’t have a good effect and also means you need to clean your car far more often than anybody would like.

As simple as it appears to be, a carport can protect your vehicle from potential damage from long-term exposure to the elements. It provides shade to protect your vehicle from excessive heat during sunny days and cover to keep out acid rain during rainy days.
Carports, like pergolas, can either be an extension of the main house or they may be detached structures that stand apart on their own within the property. Regardless of which type of carport you opt for, building it takes relatively little effort and time and at lower cost than building a full-fledged garage. And your car is protected from the harsh effects of sun and rain.