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Get Your Timber Deck Ready For Winter

By May 7, 2018No Comments

Wind, rain and cold are not exactly the most ideal conditions for chilling (pun alert!) on your timber deck. What can you do to make your deck more comfortable during the winter months?
Winter should not prevent you from enjoying time outdoors, especially when you already own a deck. A few additions to your outdoor living extension will let you winter-proof it. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can add to your deck to get it ready for winter.

Install a Roof Over the Deck

It’s no fun standing out in the rain, especially during very cold weather. Building a roof over the deck takes care of that problem. You have many roofing options to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. Polycarbonate roofing is very popular because it lets in sunlight but keeps out harmful ultraviolet rays. And it’s unbelievably tough, virtually indestructible under normal circumstances. But you can also consider combining polycarbonate with other roofing options for some interesting designs and functionalities. Regardless of what you select, having a roof over your outdoor space keeps you cozy and dry when the winter rains start.

Add Deck Heating

Coping with winter is all about keeping warm. If you plan to or desire to spend a lot of time on your deck during the cold season, you must equip it with the means to provide you with heat. A quick solution is to grab one of those portable electric heaters and take it with you on the deck. Simply plug in and you’ll be able to keep yourself and your guests warm.
Firepits are also very popular these days. You can modify your deck to accommodate a pit, or get one of those cast iron portable firepits you can bring out on to the deck when it’s cold and take back into storage after the winter season.

Keep Out the Wind and Cold

Privacy screens are intended mainly to protect you from prying eyes whilst on your deck. However they may also serve to buffer against winter winds and keep out the cold. Wind chill can make staying outdoors uncomfortable or even downright unbearable. A few strategically placed slatted timber screens diminishes the flow of wind while not cutting out ventilation, and can help keep your outdoor living space warmer than otherwise. And as a bonus, you get some privacy as well.

Light Up the Deck

During the winter months the nights are longer and the days are shorter so daylight becomes a scarce resource. It’s obviously no fun fumbling around in the dark, particularly during cold winter evenings. Installing lights allows you to extend the useful hours of your timber deck, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space well beyond the setting of the sun.