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Treated Pine Decking in Perth

By August 24, 2016March 26th, 2020No Comments

Treated Pine decking in Perth is a viable option. Pine is abundant and quite affordable. And although it is a softwood, Western Australia’s generally dry climate and new timber treatment technologies make this timber a suitable material for decking boards.
The term “pine” can refer to any of the numerous varieties within the species Pinus, which include Caribbean, Corsican, Loblolly, Maritime and the popular Radiata, among many others. These are abundant and fast-growing plantation trees.
Pine is a softwood and when in a raw state it’s naturally prone to damage. This is where timber treatment comes in and plays a very important role. The timber is sawn to size and cut to length then immersed in the prescribed treatment solution. A vacuum is generated to suck in the solution into every pore and crevice of the timber. It is then taken out of the solution and allowed to drain and then kiln-dried.
The resulting treated Pine timber is much stronger than the original untreated material. When properly maintained it can remain in outstanding condition for a couple of decades. Now consider that Western Australia’s generally sunny and dry climate ensures there is reduced danger of damage due to moisture and the elements. These are conditions ideal for building with treated pine decking in Perth.
Because it is plentiful, treated Pine is an affordable decking material. After treatment its colour may vary based on the chemicals used, but in general the finished product is of a warm, golden hue that is appealing to the eyes. Its grain is distinct and attractive. And because it is a softwood, it is often more pleasant to walk on than other, harder timber species. Treated pine will also take a stain exceptionally well and can often be made to look exactly like some of the more expensive decking varieties. It is also quite a versatile material that can be used to create infills, balustrades, hand rails, screens, fences and furniture.
These features and advantages make treated Pine decking in Perth worth considering.