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Where to Place the Barbie on Your Deck or Pergola

By September 9, 2015December 6th, 2021No Comments

Where to place the barbie on your deck
One of the true joys of summer is a barbie out on the deck or in the pergola with family and friends. If you plan on hosting the ultimate barbecue, here are some pointers on where to put the grill so that it does the job but does not get in the way of the merriment.

Define Your Needs

You need to first consider how you intend to entertain. Your guests are almost certainly going to gather around the barbie while you are cooking. The grill will need to be within an area where guests can be seated around it. If possible, it should be close to the dining table so that taking food to the guests is quick and easy.
If you plan to entertain guests, how many people do you intend to feed? If you plan on having the entire tribe over, you will need a large barbie. And you will need enough space on your deck or in your pergola to set this up.

Consider Your Equipment

Have you decided on what barbeque to buy? Or have you bought one already? Where you place the grill will depend on the type of grill you have and on its features and properties. If you have opted for a gas barbeque, it makes sense to position it so you can connect the gas to the mains which will eliminate the need to constantly refill gas bottles. If you have opted for a charcoal grill and you have a roofed deck or pergola, you will have to put it near the edge of the structure, or even outside it to avoid smoke building up inside the structure. You can also opt for a vented ridge if you have a gable pergola so that smoke can escape out of the top of the pergola. If you own or are thinking of buying a portable grill then you have more flexibility with where to put it.

Consider Your Facilities

Your fixed gas grill needs to have access to your gas supply. If your outdoor extension is roofed and you have designed a kitchen island in the middle of the structure with a range hood to provide exhaust, then this is the spot for your grill.

Safety Considerations

You have to be very careful whenever fire is involved, and barbies involve quite a lot of fire, not to mention burning hot metal and explosive liquids.

  • In the case of gas barbies, make sure you know where the fuel lines run and how to cut it when trouble arises. Obstruction in the fuel lines is one of the major causes of problems, so make sure the barbie is placed in a way that the lines are accessible for inspection and cleaning.
  • For charcoal grills, be careful of embers that fly off the grill and could land on highly flammable surfaces, such as wooden parts of the deck, pergola or even the main house itself, cloth and paper such as curtains or newspapers and magazines, or that may reach flammable fuel such as cooking oil or lighter fluid lying around nearby.
  • Smoke produced by your grill is a safety issue. At the very least it can be a minor nuisance when it gets in your hair and eyes or if you get coughing fits after inhaling it. But even more of a concern is that smoke from the barbie contains carbon monoxide which is lethal when you inhale too much of it. That is why it is best to make sure that you position the barbie near openings if your deck or pergola is roofed, or even outside the structure to prevent the buildup of smoke, carbon monoxide and other nasty substances inside the structure.
  • Grease is naturally flammable, and could be dangerous as it builds up every time you cook. Situate your grill so that it is easy to clean up after.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergencies.