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Why It’s Great to Use DAR Timber for Decking

By December 28, 2016March 26th, 2020No Comments

One of the many types of timber available at the Softwoods stores is dressed-all-round (DAR) timber. The term refers to the process that gives the timber its final appearance. It is machine-planed and smoothed on all sides and the edges are generally rounded so it’s great to use DAR timber for decking.
DAR is actually one of the many finishes treated timber is available in. Builders love this finish because the smooth surface and rounded edges are relatively easy to handle than other types. There’s less danger of injuring yourself from handling timber with a rougher finish. Couple that with the relatively uniform sizes and lengths of DAR timber and you get a building material that gives your structure a consistent quality finish difficult to achieve using other types of timber.
And it is very versatile, used in applications such as mouldings, wall lining, framing and cladding. Treatment renders DAR timber suitable even for outdoor and landscaping purposes, such as fencing, sheds and decking. H4-treated DAR may also be used for above- and in-ground applications.
If you are on a budget then using DAR timber for decking makes perfect sense as it is very abundant and hence very affordably priced. Your dream deck has a better chance now of being built into reality.