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Build a Deck on a Sloping Yard

By November 23, 2016March 26th, 2020No Comments

If your property happens to sit on a sloping area you can build a deck to make the area useful. 
Very few property owners would probably prefer a sloping tract of land over one that is relatively flat. For starters, it is more challenging to build on a slope. Cleaning up and clearing the build area require more effort and focus. Preparing the site and laying the foundation, particularly the posts, also require more time and material as the builders attempt to negate the slope either by equalising the post height or by building levels that make the slope more gradual and easier for people to negotiate.
Drainage is a common issue with sloping land, as is erosion. Water will naturally run down the slope and may collect and puddle at the bottom of the slope if there is no sufficient drainage. And soil stability can be compromised if there is excessive erosion of the soil.
So how do you manage to build a deck on a sloped surface? Here are a couple of things you can do.

  • Build terraces. Whether you want a single level deck or one with multiple levels, you can shore up the soil using sleepers and form terraced structures to support your deck. Terraces will somewhat flatten the slope and help decrease its severity, providing a more suitable foundation upon which to build a deck.
  • Build a retaining wall. The principle to building a retaining wall is somewhat similar to terracing, though on a larger scale. The idea is to shore up the soil and secure it using pine sleepers forming a wall that retains the shored-up material and keeps it in place.

With a bit of work and preparation it’s possible to neutralise the slope, build a deck and make the otherwise unusable ground useful and pleasing.