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Care and Maintenance of Polycarbonate Sheeting

By March 12, 2016March 26th, 2020No Comments

Over time dust, dirt, molds and algae may build up on the surface of your polycarbonate roof. The key to protecting it and keeping it beautiful is to clean it regularly. The following tips will help you prolong the life of your roofed pergola, carport and other outdoor living extensions that use polycarbonate sheeting.

General Cleaning Instructions

All you need to clean your polycarbonate roof is a soft sponge and some dishwashing detergent. You may also use a cloth that is 100 percent cotton, in case a sponge is not available.
Just mix the dishwashing detergent in some lukewarm water, and gently wipe the polycarbonate sheet with the mixture using the sponge or the cloth. After you’re done, make sure to rinse off the detergent with cold water. Water spotting may occur if you just leave the surface to air-dry; use a dry soft cotton cloth to wipe off any excess moisture if this concerns you.
There may be times when dirt clings stubbornly to the roofing sheet and you will have to use stronger cleaning agents such as methylated spirits, isopropyl or butyl alcohol. It’s a good idea when using these chemical cleaners to first check the manufacturer’s specifications, or to consult with a Softwoods rep.
Some areas of the roof may be difficult to reach and you may need to employ additional equipment such as pressure washers and extension poles.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t use rough, abrasive cleaners, squeegees nor sharp objects such as razors to clean polycarbonate sheeting. These can damage the protective coating on the roof sheet’s surface.
  • For the same reason, stay away from abrasive or highly alkaline chemical cleaners.
  • When you do use chemical cleaners, do not leave them on the polycarbonate sheets for long periods of time. Rinse them off immediately with cold water.
  • Also, if you use chemical cleaners, do not use these in direct sunlight because they may stain the polycarbonate.
  • Test the chemical cleaners first in a small, preferably inconspicuous area of the roof. When you are satisfied that there are no adverse results or reactions, then go ahead and use the cleaner on the remaining polycarbonate areas.
  • If you use a pressure washer, take care not to hold the spray tip too close to the polycarbonate sheeting. The sprayer may have enough pressure to damage the sheet.