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Deck Storage Solutions

By February 4, 2017No Comments

A timber deck extends the living area of your home and gives you extra space within which to enjoy your property. The bonus for you is that you get deck storage space where you can stow stuff that would otherwise clutter the yard or your house. Following are some examples of how to use your deck as storage.

The Storage Space Beneath

If your deck is built on an incline or if it has to be raised for whatever reason then you will end up with some space — possibly loads of it — underneath. Depending on the volume you end up with, this could either be free storage space for small items or it could provide you with a whole new living area.
In the example above, a few lounge chairs transform the area underneath the balcony into a comfortable sitting room. It’s easy to imagine placing containers to hold tools and other items. Or you can install racks to hang your bicycles. Perhaps you can even park your car if the area is large and accessible enough.
If you don’t have that much room you can still use the underside of your deck to stow smaller items.
In the examples above and below, the decks have ample crawl space underneath to store smaller items. Timber slats screens dress up the edges of the deck to cover up any clutter that lies within and keep the deck looking clean and streamlined. Access to the storage area is controlled by a hinged cutaway section that functions as a door.

On-Deck Storage

If it isn’t possible to use the space beneath the deck, or in addition to it, there are also storage opportunities on the deck itself. In-built seats and tables can double as containers.
The benches on the deck above are actually large trunks with hinged tops that can be lifted when things need to be stashed inside. The table in the example below, on the other hand, shows a door on its side that reveals it to be a deck storage solution.