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Decking Design: Privacy Screens

By February 22, 2017March 26th, 2020No Comments

A well-designed deck is seldom bare. It incorporates elements that are either functional or visually appealing or both. Privacy screens and in-built bench seats are examples of integrated structural elements that enhance decking design.

Picture-Perfect Privacy

Privacy screens are normally installed with the main intent of shielding people from prying eyes so they can enjoy their time on the deck or pergola in peace and privacy. But that’s no reason for privacy screens to be ugly and boring. In fact, screens often deliver on their promise to protect people from being seen while at the same time they contribute to the overall aesthetics of the structure.
In many cases, the screening IS the design.

Form Follows Function

Sometimes the screens are not expected to add to the structure’s visual appeal. Instead they are used to provide a secondary function.
This screen, for example, is also the gate that takes people into and out of the deck.
And similarly, the screen in the following photo also functions as the doorway to the attached pergola.
Or if not doorways, you can design your deck to use timber screens as windows, as in the case demonstrated by next couple of photos.
Privacy screens can make your deck or pergola sparkle, at the very least. Or they can give your outdoor living extension additional features and functions that enhance its usefulness. If you’ve not considered it yet then it’s time to think about employing privacy screens in your decking design.