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Favouring Flat Roof Pergolas

By July 30, 2016March 26th, 2020No Comments

Gable roofs are a very popular configuration for pergolas because they a lot of advantages. But flat roof pergolas also offer a set of benefits that make them more suitable in certain situations. These flat roof advantages are outlined here for you to consider before you draw up your pergola design.

  • Flat roofs are simpler and easier to build. They also require less material given the same area. This translates to a quicker build, lower cost of materials and lower overall cost of your pergola.
  • Although it’s certainly nice to have it, roofing is optional for flat roofs and almost always required for pitched or gable roofs. This is a potential further cost reduction for your pergola project.
  • A flat roof offers additional space. You can use this extra space, for example, to install solar panels. Or you can look into the possibilities of a garden!.
  • Flat roofs are better at resisting wind pressure. There’s less surface area exposed to wind so there’s less danger of the wind tearing a section of your pergola roof away. The danger is still there, of course. There’s just less of it.

If you intend to build your timber pergola in an area that is known to be extremely windy then a flat roof is almost certainly the way to go. You should also seriously consider building a flat roof if rainfall is not excessive and you are looking to realise significant savings on the cost of building your outdoor extension.