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Fence Posts That Last

By August 15, 2016March 26th, 2020No Comments

If you want the most durable fence possible it’s important to use correctly treated fence posts because the life of a timber fence depends entirely on the durability of its posts. Using incorrect untreated posts could leave your fence vulnerable to rot because they are often in direct contact with the soil where moisture, fungi and insects may be abundant.
Water can seep into untreated timber and cause damage to the timber structure. Insects and fungi may be attracted to the moistened timber, thrive within the timber structure and accelerate the onset of rot. Regardless of how the damage starts, the end result is one and the same — a rotted post that compromises the integrity of your timber fence.
You need to keep the following things in mind when preparing and installing your fence posts.

  • First make sure that the timber you use for your fence posts are treated or they will rot very quickly. For example, untreated pine can rot away within 12 months. But Treated Pine can last you up to 30 years. Also make sure you use timber with the appropriate treatment level for what you intend to build.
  • After digging the holes where you will be placing your posts, place some concrete aggregates, around 6 inches high, at the bottom of the hole. This creates capillary action that helps drain any excess moisture that may build up around the post.
  • Place your posts in the prepped-up holes and backfill with concrete. Review the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that your concrete mix is appropriate for the size and type of posts.

Remember these tips and you will be building fence posts that last.