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Spring Is the Perfect Time for Deck Construction

By October 27, 2016No Comments

If you have deck construction on your mind then now is the perfect time to get it started. Spring brings with it renewed vigour after the bleakness of winter, a sort of staging ground for the coming summer. Build your timber deck now and be ready to take in the beautiful outdoors when summer comes.
The main reason to construct your deck early is to have it ready for the summer. But spring itself offers its own joys and rewards. It’s a generally cheerful season and energy levels tend to be up during this time. Flowers start to bloom and birds burst out in song. What a delightful change from the cold gloom of winter! Now imagine building your deck amidst such cheerfulness.
Spring is traditionally the time of year when deck construction projects abound, so here are a few tips to ensure that your project flows smoothly.

  • Start early. Because Spring is the busiest time for deck builders, you will want to be first out the door, so to speak, to get ahead of a long line of homeowners looking to get their decking construction project underway. Dally too long and you face the danger of having to wait for your deck builders to complete earlier projects in their queue. Building materials might get used up also as more people stock up for their decking projects.
  • Starting early also increases the chances of quickly securing Council approval for your project (if you need it!) As the season progresses the list of Council applications will grow. It takes time to review each application so the sooner you get it in, the better the chances that you will get your response more quickly.
  • There are also some practical reasons for spring deck construction. Spring is a lot cooler than the summer and this gives your timber time to acclimate and cure. The sealer or paint used has time to adhere to the timber and will thus be able to protect it from excessive expansion and contraction during the humid summer months.
  • If you are thinking about selling your home, note that Spring is also the busiest time for the real estate industry as buyers and sellers prepare their listings and get ready for the buying and selling frenzy.

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time for deck construction!