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Start Your Decking Project On Adelaide Cup Weekend

By March 9, 2018No Comments

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Everyone looks forward to Adelaide Cup Day, at least everyone in South Australia, that is. After all, it’s a long weekend that ends in a busy day of festivities at the Morphetville race track. But here’s an idea: why not spend the time getting started on that project you’ve been thinking of doing? Start your decking project on Adelaide Cup weekend and have your outdoor area ready by the time it’s footy season.
A deck is the perfect place to hang out with your mates while watching the footy on the telly. Bring out some beer and some snacks and whoop it up all you want for your team. And you’ll have the entire season to enjoy on your brand new deck.
But that’s not all. Footy season is just the beginning of all the wonderful things you’ll be able to enjoy with a timber deck on your property. Just imagine all the parties and soirees and barbies you’ll be able to host; you’ll practically be the talk of the town and easily the favourite neighbour in your community! And it works the other way, too. If you’re not feeling too friendly and would like some me time, well that’s what your deck is for as well. With the right container plants to keep you calm and timber privacy screens strategically installed to keep away prying eyes your deck is the perfect site for some solitude and silence while you sort things out in your psyche or get that overdue task done.
Now, what are you waiting for? The Adelaide Cup weekend happens soon, so get on the phone and contact Softwoods now!