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Tools to Build Your Pergola

By November 4, 2015March 26th, 2020No Comments

Tools to build your pergola
Softwoods make it easy and enjoyable to build your pergola yourself. Our pre-cut pergola kits have been prepared according to your council-approved design and using cutting-edge technology. Because of this a lot of the work is already done on the ground way before the actual construction, minimising the need for assembly to take place up above your head, where things can easily get more difficult.
Regardless of your approach to building your pergola, it is important that you have all the proper equipment and tools. Here is a quick rundown of the tools you require to build your pergola.

Deck Construction Tools

In a previous blog post we outlined all the tools you need to construct a deck. You’ll need all of those as well to build a pergola. These tools include:

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencils
  • String Line
  • Hammer
  • Clamps
  • Spirit Level
  • Spade
  • Drill and Bits
  • Saw

Besides these core tools, you will also need the following:


A significant part of a pergola’s structure is built overhead, high above ground. To reach this part of the structure, you will naturally need to elevate yourself to be able to reach the overhead parts that need to be worked on. You will need a sturdy ladder, of course.
When choosing a ladder, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you need the ladder for?
  • What height do you need to work at?

For safety reasons, choose a ladder you are comfortable on. Do not overreach up or — more importantly — sideways. And do not forget to check the ladder’s weight rating. The last thing you want is the ladder buckling under your weight and folding up while you are high up building your pergola. It’s also important to check that the base of your ladder will grip onto the surface that you will sit it on.

Bugle Head Screw Driver

bugle head screw driver
This tool is used to drive bugle head decking screws, characteristically with square-lobes.

Hex Head Screw Driver

hex head screw driver
This is used to drive hex-headed screws.

Caulking Gun

caulk gun
This tool holds and dispenses silicon or gap filling products. The caulk gun consists of a cylindrical container that holds the tube of filler. The filler is dispensed by pulling the trigger, which pushes the plunger forward, squeezing the filler out of the tube, very similar to the way a syringe works.

Rivet Gun

rivet gun
The pop riveter or rivet gun fastens rivets to hold together your gutters, ridge and barge caps.


Snips let you cut through various materials, such as pergola roofing or any metal goods such as gutters

Jig Saw

This powered saw comes with a beveled blade that lets you cut materials at an angle, allowing you to create irregular shapes.