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Zen and the Art of Decking

By January 30, 2017No Comments

Stress is a killer. In fact it is one of the leading causes of death and sickness the world over. And it seems to have become an ingrained part of modern daily living. How can you fight off such a beast? The answer may already be sitting right outside your house, perhaps in the middle of your yard.
Your timber decking is the perfect weapon in the war against stress. The timber structure combined with the outdoors have been proven to decrease levels of anxiety and induce calm in people.
Here’s how you can design your deck to be the perfect place to meditate, find your centre and generate inner tranquility.

Incorporate Water

The sound of running water has a calming effect on people. In your garden you can build ponds, pools and waterfalls. On a deck with space and structural limitations you may have fewer options to achieve this. One of the best ways to generate running water is by installing a fountain that fits into the dimensions of your deck and matches its overall design.

Simplify Lines

Simple lines generate simple thoughts and the less you think about, the calmer you get. Complex shapes and features may stimulate your thoughts and emotions and lead to more anxiety. Keep it simple and keep calm.

Incorporate Symbols

Researchers in the fields of neurology and psychology point to mounting evidence that the human subconscious has more control over our mindset and behaviour than we know. This is why symbols are a powerful and effective way of speaking to our subconscious to get us to succeed at our goals.
If we are to use our decks to calm ourselves down, reprogram our minds and empower ourselves to succeed then we ought to look at incorporating symbols into our decking design. Symbols speak to our subconscious and trigger deeply embedded responses.
When designing your meditation spot on your deck, think about adorning the area with powerful symbols that represent your desires and objectives.

Be One With Nature

The deck is the interface between the protective isolation of the home and the terrifying openness of its natural surroundings. It’s the middle ground that provides the best of both worlds and let’s you enjoy nature’s power whilst in the comfort of your home.
This communion with the natural world is essential to good health. Our modern lifestyles do not always allow us to go on that hike up the mountains and through the woods, but spending time on our decks can give the same results.

A Place of Refuge

The important thing is that the deck becomes a place of refuge, a sanctuary that buffers you from the frenzied pace of modern daily living. You can place container plants or install slatted screens to provide privacy and some insulation from external and internal distractions.